Seattle & King County Recycling Services

Seadrunar Recycling provides recycling services to more than 800 businesses from Federal Way to Everett and throughout the Eastside. We accept all grades of office paper, as well as cardboard, newspapers, magazines, aluminum cans and plastics. With an assortment of containers for both outside and inside collection, Seadrunar Recycling makes it easy for your employees to recycle.

No business is too large for Seadrunar Recycling

At our 42,000 square foot facility, we sort, bale and ship approximately 30,000 tons of upgraded recyclable materials a year to mills across the country and throughout the world. Instead of ending up in a landfill, your office paper, aluminum cans and plastic products are made into everything from copy paper to shoes and decking.

One-time pick-ups

You can arrange a one-time pick-up for a small service fee, although there are some restrictions. Call us at 206.467.7550 for more information.

Contact us to tour our plant

We invite you to take a tour of our plant. See how we continuously implement new technologies that
enhance responsible recycling and protect the well-being of our employees. Contact us today to
make your tour arrangements.

Other Services

Take advantage of our tenant education, recycling seminars, waste audits and tonnage monitoring to help maximize your recycling efforts and reduce waste costs.


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