We’re recycling professionals.

We’ve been in the recycling business in Seattle since 1979, applying improved technologies to turn office waste into upgraded recyclables that can be used worldwide to manufacture new products.

We take good care of our employees and we take good care of our customers, too, providing reliable service to every customer, large and small.

All Seadrunar Recycling personnel are badged and uniformed.  You can depend on us to deliver all your recyclable materials directly to the Seadrunar Recycling warehouse for processing.







Seadrunar recyling process

How the Seadrunar Recycling process works.

Using Seadrunar Recycling says good things about your business. You care about the environment and your community, and our services are designed to make you feel rewarded for doing your part. It’s easy to get started. Just email our office or call us at 206.467.7550 for a free site survey. A Seadrunar Recycling expert will call on you to get acquainted and gather the following information:

  • The quantity of recyclable materials.
  • The quality of the materials.
  • Agree on where the recycling equipment can be placed.
  • Determine accessibility for Seadrunar’s vehicles.

Provided that we are able to service your facility, we’ll set a mutually agreed upon date for setup and a schedule for pick-up service.

When the setup date arrives, Seadrunar Recycling will provide you with collection equipment, desk side boxes, aluminum can boxes (if needed), and helpful copies of our Recycling Guidelines for every employee.

One-time pick-ups

Interested in a one-time pick-up? We’ll be happy to come out for a small, one-time  fee (some restrictions apply). Please call our office at 206.467.7550 for more information.

Contact our office to get started on your recycling program.


Recycling Service Request Form: Click Here